Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday Made It - July 6th

Hey everyone,

I am committed to actually blogging this time - I promise.  So, in an effort to keep it up, I'm linking up to Monday Made It which is hosted by Fourth Grade Frolics.  I'm also super jealous of all the blog layouts and designs I've seen.  I want mine to be as cute as the others.  I need a tutorial on how to do that.  Blogger has come along way since I started blogging on a personal blog about eight years ago!  And yes, I totally have neglected that blog, as well!  Here we go!

I've been working a lot on the computer, getting things ready for the new school year.  My printer should be smoking now and the laminator will be running this evening!

We are in the process of becoming a Lighthouse School, so we are infusing our school with the language and really trying to make a positive impact in our school with all things Leader in Me.  We have a new clip chart that everyone is using in the upper grades.  One teacher made one, and I just sort of got carried away and made a dozen more in various colors to share.

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My second Made It is our new rules for the upper grades.  I made this to go with the clip chart.  Now to find the best place to post them in the classroom.  That's the hard part.

I've seen many posts on Pinterest using these paint buckets, turning them into seating.  The post I was most inspired by (meaning the one that made me think I could actually make this) is here. I'm in an old school (65 years old) and our furniture is limited.  I was never able to scrounge up enough chairs for my small group table.  The first year, everyone just pulled up a chair.  The second year, I purchased stools for IKEA.  I knew these wouldn't last forever, but it would hopefully get me through a year.  I bought six and have four left - so that's not too bad for one years wear and we did use them every single day.  So, here's hoping these buckets will do a little better.  Plus - hidden storage - which is hard to come by in my room.

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My last one is an alphabet chart for my classroom.  I've never felt like I needed one, since this is fourth grade.  I never actually saw one that was cursive.  I took a Greater Birmingham Math class last month.  We were located in another elementary school, so of course, you look at all the rooms you can for what they have they you don't.  I saw one in cursive and just decided I needed it.  Of course, then I thought I should just make it instead.  So, I hunted for the correct font and whipped this one up. It's going to take lots of cutting and pasting before I can laminate - but it's cute - so that's okay!!

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That's all I have for this Monday, but I have several project in the works for my home and classroom - so next Monday I'll be sharing more!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

So, there was this blog once.....

So, I spent the summer before my first year in the classroom blogging a little. Then I never came back. I haven't posted anything since the beginning of August in 2013.  So, I decided to delete it all and start over. My room is better now anyway - it was pretty bare that first year. My experience has grown tremendously, as well. So, hopefully someone will read and I won't forget to post!! 

See you soon!